I m Alberto, a spanish creative and film director working worldwide.
I’m passionate about films, art, design, music and food
I’m available for freelancing assignments.
Just drop me a line for any question, proposal, or just to say hi.

¨It´s all about details and cooperation between departments, from the adequate story to the adhesive tape in set, everything counts to ensure that the viewer´s get a WOW audio-visual experience¨

Alberto is a Spanish multidisciplinary filmmaker and creative director, defined by visually attractive work based on impeccable design, playful-inventive art direction, and engaging storytelling.
Utilizing a wide array from live-action, motion control, stop motion to artistic approaches...any technique is valid to convey and push forward the story.
He combines his job as a film director in advertising with works as visual artist, he writes and direct Short films, creates art projects including photographs or books.


-International representation-

I love to collaborate with different people, cultures and approaches.

I am always open for new inquieres, if you are a production company and you like my work, don´t hesitate to contact me.

For Commercials I m represented in

-Benelux by Nosh food films-

https://www.noshfoodfilms.com | Jordy Van Meer  | jordy@noshfoodfilms.com

-France by Where is brian? (Quad group)-

www.whereisbrian.tv | Amelie Couvelaire | amelie@whereisbrian.tv

-Spain by Possible- Barcelona

http://possible.es | Cristina Pineda | cristina@possible.es

-Spain by Antiestatico- Madrid

http://antiestatico.com | Matias Dumont | mdumont@antiestatico.com>







Creative services

I believe in my talent and effort skills, contributing to your project from the scratch or add something unexpected and decisive to your idea. 

Regarding my more than 15 years experience I could help you in...

-Film direction, edit, art direction, treatments, branding, naming, photography, copywriter, animation, stop motion, concepts, visual consulting and a really good food!

Have a lovely day, enjoy it! :) 



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